Sunday, January 24, 2010

YFKM - Tiger Woods Rehab

Well, MSNBC finally wised up today. Pictured below is their headline from Thursday. Here's a link to their recently-revised story. This whole "Tiger's going to sex rehab" has been a pathetic attempt by his spin doctors. How many sightings have there been already? There was New York, Arizona (lucky us), South Africa (that's a long way to go to learn to keep your zipper up), and now Mississippi. . So let's see. Either all these sightings are true (in which case, Tiger seems to be lasting about one day per clinic), or they're false (in which case, they're remarkably psychic - knowing what type of establishment he'd be spending time at in the future). . The Mississippi sighting is particuarly asinine. We're supposed to believe that the paparazzi were sitting across from the front gate at the Sex Rehab clinic, and were lucky enough to snap some photos just as the gate opened and just as Tiger was walking past. So the clueless guards' conversation must've went something like this : . "Hey, Murray. Isn't it a little weird for that white panel truck to be parked across the street with a telephoto lens sticking out the window? It's beem there two days straight now." "Nah. But hey, Tiger just came out of the spa. We better open the front gate in case he wants to go get a pizza." . Let's face it, all these "sightings" reports (and now lucky photographs) are being choreographed by Tiger's spin doctors. You're supposed to believe he's battling an addiction, and has taken the first step towards recovery. And admire him for this. And buy the products he endorses. Bullsh*t. YFKM. . The truth is, Tiger's at home, still waiting for his teeth implants to heal. He's never been in one of these Sex Rehab Clinics, and never will, unless it's to do a damage-control photo op. And there's no reason for Tiger to go into rehab. He's not addicted to sex; he's just one of the 50%-60% of the population who'd cheat on their spouse if given the opportunity. And Tiger gets lots and lots of opportunities. . One last thing. Do you think the estimate of a 50%-60% cheat rate (either real or potential), is too high? Or maybe too low? I've seen one source say that the number should be 100% - that everyone would cheat given the right set of circumstances. I don't buy that. But in any case, tomorrow (time permitting) we'll present a pseudo-scientific way of determining that number. Stay tuned.

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