Thursday, January 14, 2010

I believe ... (Sports Edition)

... that the Arizona Cardinals are overwhelming favorites to win the Super Bowl this year! Mostly due to their superb defense. I believe... . ... that impending sanctions had absolutely nothing to do with Pete Carroll deciding to leave USC (who he built into a perennial powerhouse) to become head coach of the absolutely pathetic NFL Seattle Seahawks! I believe... . ... that Tiger Woods still has all of his natural teeth! But most of all I believe... ... that Mark McGwire only took steroids and HGH to recover from injuries, and never realized it might also help him hit more home runs! . For an excellent article about athletes going through the (e)motions of phony apologies, see here. Give it up, McGwire, you big cheater. Pete Rose has a better chance of getting into the HOF than you do.

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