Friday, January 01, 2010

JoPa and Bobby

Overall, it was a good day in NCAA football. The two coaching deans, Joe Paterno (Penn State) and Bobby Bowden (Florida State) both won their bowl games, beating LSU and West Virginia, respectively. Both coaches have been around forever. JoPa was the head coach at Penn State when I was a freshman there. And that was a few years ago. The Nittany Lions went undefeated that year, finishing seconf in the polls to also-unbeaten Ohio State. . The folks at Florida State are easing Bobby Bowden out to pasture at the end of this year. Everyone is smiling, but the truth is Bobby's getting booted because his teams consistently are only in the Top 25 anymore. In his heyday, Bobby's teams were always in the Top 5. The FSU folks should read their history and see what the state of Florida State football was before Bowden came along. I wonder if this sort of myopic-mindset will eventually do in JoPa as well. . Both games were great, featuring dramatic comebacks by the FSU and PSU squads. That being said, today's best finish was Northwestern-Auburn, but that's a subject for another day. . For now, congratulations to both Joe Paterno and Bobby Bowden!! They are two class acts in the jaded world of collegiate football. For one day at least, age and integrity received their due.

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