Thursday, March 12, 2009

Putting the "fun" back in dysfunctional

It turns out Bristol "baby-maker" Palin and Levi "TPT" Johnston won't be getting hitched after all. Yeah, like I'm real surprised. . Hey, Bristol, here's a tip. Be very, very nice to Levi, and give him lots of money. Otherwise, he's gonna write a tell-all book about you and your dysfunctional family. That could get quite embarrassing around 2012 or so.

Oh, and Grandma Sarah, I just have one question, you sanctimonious twerp. Where are your Family Values now?

And Levi, I'm thinking Playboy Interview.


Amanda said...

Surprise surprise...

(Can you just HEAR the sarcasm?)

terry said...

i imagine Grandma Palin will keep a low profile for the next couple weeks. what a family of losers.

Amanda said...

HOnestly I'm just glad Bristol doesn't have to go through with the marriage. I'm pretty sure she was being "pressured" by her parents and I imagine if Palin was sitting in the white house now, those two would not have broken up.

terry said...

it was obvous at the GOP convention that Levi was being coerced. you can see it in his body language in the photo with McCain. Levi doesn't want to be there.

but i agree - better that they didn't get married. one less divorce to deal with.

if Palin was the Veep right now, i still think Bristol and Levi wouldn't get married. Yeah, there'd be political damage to Sarah. but she wouldn't care - she'd be the Veep for the next 4 years. by which time she'd have Bristol married off, and no one would rememeber Levi.