Sunday, March 15, 2009

Deathwatch III - Dale Hausner

We haven't done a DeathWatch posting for a while - not since Charles Barkley "forgot" about the $50,000 he owed a Las Vegas casino. . Dale Hausner is a serial killer who terrorized Phoenix back in 2005-06 via random drive-by shootings. Along with one, possibly two accomplices, they murdered 6 people, attacked 19 more, and also shot a number of dogs and horses. This past week, he was convicted and the only suspense now is whether he'll get the death penalty or not. You can read MSNBC's article on it here. . What makes Doofus Dale a candidate for DeathWatch is his arrogance and hyper-developed superiority complex. Immediately after the police caught him red-handed, he called his own press conference to "explain things". His lawyer, who knew nothing of this, was severely displeased, and upon arriving 10 minutes later, gave Doofus a look-that-could-kill, and terminated the show. . Now, Haughty Hausner takes his superiority attitude to prison. Yeah, that's gonna really fly there. At best, he'll get to be some white supremacist's b*tch for the rest of his life. But it is infinitely more likely that everybody will get sick of him in a week, and then it's just a crapshoot to see who offs him first. . I guess what makes him unique is this "I'm smarter than everybody else" mindset. Most serial killers (and I don't claim to be an expert on this) seem to either get some ecstatic high out of killing people, or else have some serious anger managment issues. Hausner just seems to view the rest of humanity as dumb animals - existing for his amusement and suitable only for target practice. . I got news for you, Dale. They're gonna love your skinny white a$$ in prison, but they're gonna hate your mouth. So it really doesn't matter whether you get the Death Sentence or not. You'll be dead before your first parole hearing. But congratulations anyway on making our DeathWatch 2009 list.

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