Sunday, June 07, 2009

Tiger Tiger, burning bright

I had a chance to watch Tiger at the Memorial Tournament in Ohio, but passed on it. Two of my work colleagues went to see the second round last Friday, after our business near Columbus was wrapped up. I suppose I should've gone, but... . Just what the heck do you do all day at a PGA golf tournament? I guess I couild've followed Tiger around. Yeah, me and five thousand other people. . Or I could set up a chair at a given hole and watch all the players as the play that one. But after 20 minutes of, "Wow! Great shot! Wow! Great shot! Wow! Great shot!", I'd be quite bored. . Of course, there's always beer to quench your boredom. But one of us would've had to teetotal, so that we could drive back to Columbus airport Friday afternoon to catch the plane back to Phoenix. And that frankly would have been me, since the only way I enjoy a beer is when I'm sitting in a pub in England. . So until someone can tell me how golf tournament spectators keep themselves amused for eight hours, I don't regret missing this event.

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