Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Why oh why...

...would anyone take this dittohead douchebag's spliced-together video seriously? If Rush or Beck or Newt or O'Really or Not-so-Breitbart say the sun is shining, I get out my umbrella. If they say it's raining, I put on some sunscreen. Since when has any of them cared about telling the truth? . In the age of Photoshop and MovieMaker programs, why did both the NAACP and the White House have a kneejerk reaction to Breitbart's little piece of video slander and fire Sherrod? . Wake up, folks. These lying sacks-of-sh*t haven't even begun to get serious with image manipulation antics yet. Ignore them. They won't go away - the TeaBaggers will see to that. But rational people don't have to give their efforts the time of day. . To read more about this snookering, go here.

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