Monday, July 12, 2010

Spain 1 - Netherlands 0

Okay, this is my last World Cup post for four years. It was a fitting championship game between the two best teams in the tournament. But frankly, Spain was the best there was, and the final score - Spain 1 - Netherlands 0 - was no fluke. . The Dutch team was being outhustled and eventually resorted to a thuggery style of play. Their yellow cards kept piling up, and eventually one of their players got a second yellow, which equals a red card, and an ejection. Spain took advantage of the Netherlands playing a man short, and won it in the second overtime. It was a just result. .
The 3rd-4th place game took place on Saturday, and was perhaps the most entertaining game of the tournament. Wide open attacks and counter attacks, with the final score being Germany 3 - Uruguay 2.
Now it's time to put away the soccer balls, and turn off the ESPN gamecast. The 2014 World Cup will be held in Brazil, which is bad news for the European teams, but good news for us American spectators, as the early-in-the-day games won't be starting at 4:30 AM (Arizona time) like they did in South Africa.

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