Saturday, August 15, 2009

Happy Woodstock Anniversary

It was 40 years ago today. Three days of music, love, mud, torrential rains, and drugs. With an awesome array of bands, although we'll address that some other time. For now, we'll do the "where were you when Woodstock happened" routine. I was in between my freshman and sophmore years in college. I had just transferred from Penn State to Arizona State, having lost my in-state eligibility because my folks moved to Lake Havasu City. . My summer job was carrying out groceries at a dinky little store called "Food Mart". The store manager was Herb, who used to lecture us young'uns about the evils of smoking cigarettes. His wife took care of the store's books. A year after this, Herb ran off with one of the cashiers. . I had no idea what Woodstock was, and probably knew of only one luminary playing there - Jimi Hendrix. My roommate at Penn State had worked wonders on my taste in music. I entered PSU being into The Lettermen, Irish Rovers, and Roy Orbison. I left Pennsylvania being into The Doors, Steppenwolf, Iron Butterfly, and Janis Joplin. Thanks, George, for enhancing my musical ear. . I wasn't into drugs and the drinking age in those days was 21, so I wasn't drinking that summer either. My entertainment consisted mostly of going out on the lake with my ASU roommate-to-be, Graham, and his family and learning to water-ski. His first-year roomie, also a Havasuvian, achieved the dubious distinction of a 0.00 GPA his freshman year, and ASU asked him not to return. . So if I read or heard about Woodstock, it didn't stay in my mind. Neither did Charlie Manson's rampage in L.A. What I do remember that summer was Neil Armstrong walking on the moon. I still have a visual of watching that feat on my parents' TV one evening.

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