Wednesday, May 11, 2011

it was 20 years ago today...

     No, not Sgt. Peppers.  Twenty years ago today, we lost Bob Marley at the all-too-early age of 36.  He put reggae on the map, and introduced the world to Rastafarianism.  You can read his Wikipedia biogrpahy here.

  Rasta In Peace, Bob.  Too soon gone.

   Actually it was 30 years ago.  Stoopid tens column.


Heather said...

Did you lose your post from Wednesday night too? I thought I was going a little batty when mine disappeared. Ended up reposting and all is well again. Darn blogger, free stuff should work better. :P

terry said...

yeah, this one disappeared for a while, then mysteriously came back on its own. actually, i didn't notice it until Thursday when i went to post something. Blogger was FUBAR for that whole day. you couldn't post; you couldn't even access the comments on any blog.