Monday, May 11, 2009

Groovy newspeak, daddy-o

Okay, all you hep-cats out there. The word for the day is "arlo". This is a verb, not the toking folk-singer pictured above. As in the phrase "Arlo'd for content". Here is where I saw it.
So what does it mean? I can't find it as an acronym, and Wikipedia, the source of all my knowledge, doesn't list it. Changing the "o" for a "zero" didn't help either. I haven't been this nonplussed by a word/acronym since "w00t".


Heather said...

Hmm... Have to ask Rory on this one. He seems to know this stuff way quicker than me. Oh, and w00t is spelled with two zero's. ;)

Amanda said...

Did you see you were actually mentioned, not by name, at that comic site? And it sends you to the FAQ to tell you what an Arlo is. Link at the top of the page.

terry said...

wow! i feel so immortalized! i precipitated a whole thread about Arlo's, FAQ's, etc. ignorance is truly bliss.