Monday, February 09, 2009

Happy Birthday, Jason!

Nice, eh? Unfortunately, the bozos in the bakery left a sheet of paper between the cake and the frosting. How the heck can you miss that? . When Liz called to get a refund, the manager's response was, "Are you sure it wasn't edible paper?" Yeah right, buddy. Nice try. Now give us our flippin' money back. Which they did.
But I digress. Here's Jason just as he realizes he blew out all of the candles but one. Happy Birthday, Jason !!


Amanda said...

Seriously, this is a CakeWrecks story waiting to happen! You should submit it.

It's a little odd, btw, to open my google reader and see "Happy Birthday Jason," considering my own Jason just had a birthday less than a month ago.

I still think your Jason looks like Silent Bob.

terry said...

i mentioned to Jason that people thought he was the spitting image of Silent Bob. he was quite flattered.

Amanda said...

Good. Silent Bob rocks.

Anonymous said...

Nice to see Che Guevara's grandson at the party, but do you have any pics of Jason?



terry said...

Ernesto! Please note that there isn't a dog in either photo. That's kinda unusual for me, eh?