Saturday, August 09, 2008

She's a doppelganger!

Or maybe they're twins, separated at birth. Alternatively, they're one and the same, since you never see Cruella and Cindy at the same time.
BTW, the author of this cool association is not me. It was originally posted at a truly awesome website.


Amanda said...

This reminds me of my pope & Peter Lorre blog. Unfortunately, I just took a look at that post, from several months ago, and one or more of my picture links have gone dead, so it isn't as cool, but there's still enough of them on there to really get an idea of their similarities.

Trixie said...

I had to come check this out after your post on the other blog. Very funny. My daughter loves the 101 puppies, but she is afraid of Cruella, no surprise.

terry said...

hi Trixie; welcome to our little corner of the asylum.

Amanda, somewhere on my hard-drive i have a similar photo essay - comparing the pope to Joe Torre, who used to manage the NY Yankees. i'll have to go find where i stashed it.