Sunday, June 01, 2008

How come no one told me...

... that the USA lifted its long-standing ban of Absinthe sometime in 2007?


Anonymous said...

"Absinthe is now my only vice and my last remaining pleasure" - August Strindberg.

The Pope drinks the stuff. That's why they have to carry him around in a chair.

Why not break you own kneecaps, drink a mixture of methanol and antifreeze with a sprig of parsley in it and enjoy the same experience.

You know it makes sense.

terry said...

Anything partaken by BOTH Pope Benny the Nazi and Aleister Crowley has just got to be beneficial.

Besides, cut Benny some slack. He has to follow a legend, and his only mandate is to die quickly so someone else can be elected. Hey, I'd be getting schnockered too, and making those toadies carry me around. Serves their sniveling arses right.

Anonymous said...

How come no one told me that the USA lifted its long-standing ban of Absinthe sometime in 2007?

Because they technically didn't. The stuff that makes absinthe absinthe (namely wormwood) is still being harshly regulated.

There's some controversy as to how much effect wormwood actually has on a drinker, but the fact remains: barely a fraction of the wormwood used in what Toulouse Lautrec would consider proper absinthe is in what today is available in legal "absinthe."

terry said...

they did a big article on absinthe in one of my chemistry periodicals. that's where i learned it was legalized, and filched this jpeg, btw.

the gist of the article was - they analyzed some old samples of absinthe and found that even "way back when", there wasn't any more AI in it than there is now.

the "mind expansion" qualities of absinthe are apparently mostly due to the alcohol present, and wishful thinking. i knew a girl once who was given an aspirin tablet, told it was acid, and proceeded to tell us about her hallucinations. at length. for hours. and about all the wonderful colors she was seeing. maybe we shooda told her it was a quaalude,