Sunday, August 12, 2012

Adieu, les Olympics

    The 2012 Summer Olympics are over.  Despite dire warnings by our Republican dimwit presidential candidate, London pulled the whole shebang off without any security issues.

    As expected, the US won - both on total medals count and number of gold medals.  China ended up in a worthy second place.  And the host country came in at a creditable fourth.

    For me, the Olympics are generally boring.  I tend to cheer for the underdogs, and the US is hardly ever in that position.  One can appreciate that Women's Beach Volleyball is played in underwear.  And I learned that the sport of Handball is now something totally different from what I used to play back in the 60's.  And who knew that there was such a thing as Men's Field Hockey?

    So now the athletes head home, and for most, it's a return to obscurity.  Which begs the queastion - was it worth it?  I mean, if you trained your whole life to be a star Water Polo player, and even if you won a Gold Medal in London, so what?  Will it get you any endorsement deals?

    Maybe the guy who draws Blondie felt the same way.  So above is his small tribute to Water Polo players all over the world.  May your face appear on the front of the box that Dagwood brought home.

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