Saturday, June 09, 2012

Politicizing Science

    I am always amazed when tea-baggers and bible-thumpers try to weave their agenda into the realm of Science.

   We scientists are a simple lot.  All we do is try to figure out how the universe works.  We might be chemists (that's me), physicists, biologists, mathematicians, or any and all sorts of engineers.  But we are united in the search for facts.

    We are interested in the "how", not the "why".  If you want to attribute something like Global Warming or Evolution to God (maybe She's punishing us), that's fine.  If you want to say Satan is causing it, that's fine too,

    But don't go trying to say that Evolution isn't happening, or that Global Warming is a myth invented by Al Gore.  Because the scientific facts don't support you.  You can teach your goofy little fundamentalist traditions and right-wing lies to little Johnny and little Susie in church, at home, or at your local Tea-Bag gathering.  But don't even try to force them to be taught in science classes.  We reserve those places for facts, not religous-political bullsh*t.

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