Thursday, September 17, 2009

Serena Slam

I suppose I should be a fan of Serena and Venus Williams, since they're Americans and all. But I'm not. While they both are very good tennis players, they come off as extremely poor sports. . Here's an exercise for you - the next time either of them lose, read what they have to say the next day in the paper or on ESPN. It's always along the line of "Oh, I let her win", or "I didn't play my best", or "If it wasn't for this injury, I would've won". It's never "(My opponent) was the better player today", or "She deserved to win", or "She outplayed/outhustled me". . One thing's for sure, though. Serena's classless outburst at the US Open this past week certainly wasn't staged. So much for the "I'm a princess; buy my designer line of clothes" image. . It should be noted, however, that commentator John McEnroe took Serena's side in the controversy. Then again, given his track record for temper tantrums, is that a surprise?

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