Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Izmir in the 1800's

I simply love photos from a century or so ago. Part of this is hereditary. Both my dad and grandfather were shutterbugs. Indeed, my grandpa was doing Photoshop stuff (albeit without a computer and software) 100 years ago. . But I digress. The photos shown here are not family pics. They are from a link sent to me by a friend in Turkey. You can see the full set of these pics here. . Yeah, the site's in Turkish. No problem. Just click on the links there to see pictures, some of which go back as far as 1865. .
The photos are of Izmir, one of the major cities in Turkey. FYI, it used to be called Smyrna. It sits on the coast of the Aegean sea. One of these days I'll post some modern pics of Izmir. It's a place that I would dearly like to visit someday.

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