Sunday, January 27, 2013

War - Greatest Hits

    My latest LP-to-MP3 conversion, this was released in 1976, pretty much after the group's heyday.  War got their start in the early 70's when Eric Burdon, lately of The Animals, teamed up with them to put out two albums of - hmm, what to call it - white man's funk.

    Burdon left the group midway through one of their tours (so sez Wikipedia), and it was pretty much assumed War would rapidly fade into obscurity.  Instead, they had a string of hits in the 1972-76 period.

- Tracks (favorites in pink) -
01. All Day Music
02. Slippin' Into Darkness
03. The World is a Ghetto
04. The Cisco Kid
05. Gypsy Man.
06. Me and Baby Brother
07. Southern Part of Texas
08. Why Can't We Be Friends?
09. Low Rider
10. Summer

    The album itself was in fairly good shape - the usual plethora of small scratches, but no major ones and no skips.  The de-popper program cleaned it up just fine.

    I recognized all but one or two of the tracks, and was surprised how many hits they had.  I've been playing it for the past week at work, and digging the vibes.  I've been looking for the two Burdon/War album for a long time now, but they seem to be collector's items.  I remember that my college roommate had the second one (Black Man's Burdon), and we played it to death.  But I note that Amazon has both LP's at just under $10 each, which is probably cheaper than what the vinyl is going for nowadays.  So I'll probably pick them both up soon.


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