Thursday, March 29, 2012

Lego Quiz

    Something kewl that's been making the rounds on FaceBook.  Solve the eight images below.  I got six.  I missed #5, and really should have gotten that one.  And missed #8, which almost everybody else does as well.  Answers for those two in the comments.  The others, you really should have no trouble with.


terry said...

#5 is of the most-excellent French cartoon "Asterix and Obelix".

#8 is also from a French cartoon, called "Lucky Luke Dalton". I've never heard of it. But if you google-image that phrase, you'll find lots of jpegs of the strip.

Heather said...

Between Joseph (who got 5) and me (who got the 6th) we finally figured this out. I have to admit I had NO idea what this was until he saw Bert & Ernie. Then it all clicked. Duh.