Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Picacho Peak Pile-Up

    We know Arizona drivers aren't worth a sh*t when it rains.  And they're even worse in snow.  This is not a critical thing, since those two phenomena seldom happen here.  But dust storms are a different matter.  Arizona gets dust storms like L.A. gets smog.

    And we got one today.  No, not a mile-high "haboob-sized" one; just your ordinary happens-all-the-time variety.   But you still have to take care.  At zero-visibility, it is advisable to slow down to at least 80 mph while transversing the freeways.  And pay attention to your surroundings a little bit; maybe going so far as to hang up your cell phone.  You might even consider exiting the freeway until the storm passes.

    Someone apparently forgot all that this afternoon on the I-10, somewhere around Picacho Peak.  The result was a 30-vehicle pile-up; 1 fatality; and several more with life-threatening injuries.  Perhaps Arizonans should be forbidden to drive whenever anything more than two clouds appear in the sky.

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