Sunday, November 28, 2010

Roger Waters Concert!

Yes, I had extremely high expectations for this concert, and yes, it lived up to them completely. Excellent music (The Wall, obviously) and a fantastic visual extravanganza. I'd tell yooze folks to go see him when he's in your town, but the tour is almost complete. He's got about 5 more dates in California; then he's done. .
Plus my ticket and dinner were birthday presents from Jason and Ryan! How kewl is that!? Thanks guys!


Weather Man said...

That is so good to hear. I've heard a bunch of stuff ranging from it sucks to it is awesome, so hearing it from you bears more weight.

terry said...

the stage show is awesome. so if you like Pink Floyd music, this is a must-see. if PF doesn'r do anything for you though, then it's skippable.

what have you been up to? your Mavericks are doing well, and even the Cowboys aren't out of it yet. plus i keep waiting to hear your recap of the Rangers' season.