Friday, November 05, 2010

Midnight on the Water - David Bromberg Band

Artist : David Bromberg
Album : Midnight On The Water (1975)
Genre : Eclectic
Overall Rating : 9*/10
. Yet another fantastically-talented musician/songwriter who had limited fame for his 7-minute rendition of Mr. Bojangles in 1972. David Bromberg is a master of all sorts of instruments, and his music embraces all sorts of styles - rock, folk, bluegrass, country, just to name a few. . Midnight On The Water was his 1975 album. I found it in a the $1 bin at my local used-record store. What a great find! It has a nice mix of songs, some marvelous fiddling and guitar-picking, and number of familiar sing-along tunes, and Bonnie Raitt, Emmylou Harris, and Linda Ronstadt sneaking in to sing back-up vocals on a couple tracks. . Alas, it was scratched beyond belief and had one horrible forward-skip. My newly-purchased automatic hiss-pop-scratch removal software had its work cut out for it, and did an admirable job. There are only 2 tracks that it failed to clean up adequately. Trust me, they were incredibly damaged, and I'm quite satisfied with the results. Indeed, I would never have even attempted to manually clean the tracks up, and after converting it to CD, I had to euthanize the LP. . In summary, Midnight On The Water is highly recommended to all folk and/or bluegrass enthusiasts. Weird Fact : the order that the songs are listed on the back cover is totally messed up. I've never seen that before. However, the disk itself lists them correctly. 9 Stars. Pick it up today, and get acquainted with a musical genius. . Complete track listings (my favorite cuts in pink) :
01.) What A Wonderful World
02.) Yankee's Revenge
03.) I Like To Sleep Late In The Morning
04.) Nobody's
05.) Don't Put That Thing On Me
06.) Mr. Blue
07.) Dark Hollow
08.) If I Get Lucky
09.) The Joke's On Me
10.) Midnight On The Water
. Note To Mr. Bromberg : please-oh-please come to Phoenix one of these days!

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