Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Seems Like Old Times (Movie)

Seems Like Old Times
Genre : Comedy; Light Romance
Theater Release Date : 19 December 1980
DVD Release Date : 19 March 2002
Length : 100 minutes
MPAA Rating : PG
Overall Rating : 8*/10
  . Seems Like Old Times is a follow-up to the Hawn/Chase flick Foul Play.  Written by Neil Simon, it finds a schlep (Chevy Chase) falsely framed for a bank heist, and seeking refuge at his ex's (Goldie Hawn) house, as she hides him in various places from her now husband (Charles Grodin).  Madcap mania ensues.

What's To Like...
    It's laugh-out-loud funny, thanks mostly to Hawn's efforts, a good script, and a gaggle of gags and routines.  This is almost despite Chase (who's a great comic but can't act worth a lick); and Grodin (who received a "Razzie" nomination - for worst supporting actor - for this film).

   The slack is taken up by a jive-talking chauffeur (T.K. Carter) and a no-nonsense cook/maid (Yvonne Wilder).  Heck, even the half dozen dogs do a good job of acting, especially the Yorkie.  Harold Gould plays the judge and almost succeeds with his Groucho Marx routine.  He doesn't quite pull it off, but hey, who can, outside of Groucho.

    Goldie : "You just went through a stop sign!"
    T. K. : "I can't help it. I don't like to read when I drive."

   The performances by Chase and Grodin leave something to be desired, but the timing of the lines is perfect and I laughed throughout the movie.  I credit this to the director, Jay Sandrich.  In this day of "Dumber and Dumberer" comedies, it was a pleasant change to watch one where you were expected to use your brain a bit.

  . Ultimately, this is more like an hour-and-a-half SNL routine than a coherent story.  But there are zingers aplenty and ample antics, which more than make up for the somewhat tepid ending.  You won't find the meaning of life or love here, but you will be entertained.  That's all I ask of a film.  8 Stars.

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