Thursday, October 15, 2009

My next book to read is...

I know what you're thinking - that this is a spoof. But it's a real book - the Amazon link to buy a copy is here. Don't ask me why the paperback version is $25 more expensive than the hardcover. Oh, and read the eight (as of this posting) reviews - they are hilarious.
I still know what you're thinking - that this is some sort of joke that somehow got past the Amazon administrators. But BION, Wikipedia has an entry about dear, dear Vanessa. Which you can access here. I note in passing that Vanessa was voted to be #93 in the "100 Worst Britons" (link here), although to be fair, there are some pretty impressive people ahead of her on that list.


Amanda said...

That's a tad disturbing.

terry said...

actually it's significantly disturbing.