Monday, July 06, 2009

Rae Waters sightings !

Both photos by Michael Chow of the Arizona Republic.
Rae's the dashing redhead directly above the "high-fives" in the lower picture. Both pics show some of our Democratic state legislators at the recent all-night budget session.
Arizona, like most states, is facing severe budget shortfalls. Our Republican governor, Jan Brewer, would like to raise taxes to meet the needs. Our Republican reps feel that instead of more taxes, we should cut expenses on unimportant, frivolous things. Like education.
Both Rae Waters and Governor Brewer have always made a good education system a cornerstone of their platform. And you know how those bleeding-heart Democrats are always caring about the welfare of our youth.
BTW, I have an inside tip that Rae occasionally runs google searches to see what's being written about her. Hey, Rae! If you make it here, leave a comment! And tell Jason to introduce you to FaceBook. :-)


Anonymous said...

Curiously, Rae figured out Facebook a long time ago and constantly rags me to join.

Those photos are from the all-night budget-busting sessions. I believe, on that particular night, she started heading home at around 5 am.


hamilcar barca said...

next thing you know, she'll be sending you tweets.

time for you to join the rest of us lemmings out there on FaceBook.