Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Cookie Pogo

We're dog-sitting this little cutie for the next 10 days. Her name is either Cookie or Pogo (her owners haven't decided yet), and she's 8 weeks old.
Her poppa is a King Charles Spaniel and her momma is a Chihuahua-Dachshund mix. That makes Cookie-Pogo a mutt.
We're also on-&-off dog-sitting over the course of the summer Echo, a shepherd mix, whom you can see in an old pic here. She'll be here over the coming holiday weekend, which means it'll be Liz, me, and five dogs. And fireworks. And monsoon thunderstorms. Send tranquilizers for everyone.


Amanda said...

They need to name him Pokey. He looks like the Pokey Little Puppy come to life. Seriously, that's the cutest little dog I've seen in YEARS. I don't like dogs. Well, I don't like animals at all. But this one is so cute, I would probably even pet and hold him!

terry said...

she's into being held and petted. and being spoiled. she howled in protest when we got our three dogs ready for their nightly walk last night. so we had to take her with, and Liz carried her the whole way.