Saturday, May 05, 2018

Book Excerpt for the Day

    What does a Riddler do?” she asked, breaking the long silence.
    Twardy Zarost grinned and jutted his beard into the air.  “A Riddler’s work is a simple thing.  I must hide the truth without lying.”

    “Do you ever speak straight?”

    Zarost laughed.  “You mean to say am I ever not a Riddler?”

    “When do you say exactly what you mean?”

    “Always will I tell the truth, always near the Ring, forsooth.”

    “But you’re always confusing me.  All your answers have two meanings, or more.”

    “If some people do not understand the Riddler it is because they are not hearing properly.”  He waggled a finger at her.  “If some people listened more dearly, they may be able to hear things clearly.”

    (from The Riddler’s Gift, by Greg Hamerton)

     8½*/10.  The full review is here.

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