Saturday, December 05, 2015

Book Excerpt for the Day

    All eyes in the pub were by now focused on Mephistopheles, and Geoffrey said, “My goat is cleaner and more knowledgeable than any dog.  He can count to twenty, and when the time comes he’ll go outside to do his business.  In fact, sir, if I can show him your privy now, he will use it when he needs it.”

    One worker appeared to take umbrage at this point.  “Do you think that just because we work on the land, we don’t know nothing?  I have a pint here that says the goat can’t do it.”

    Innocently Geoffrey said, “You have a knowledgeable pint there, sir.”

    (from The Shepherd’s Crown by Terry Pratchett)

    8*/10.  The complete review is here.

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