Wednesday, March 30, 2011

10 things I've learned (so far) from watching the NCAA tournament

01. ) The Big East was way overrated.  But we all knew that anyway.  Why is ESPN so enamored by them?

02.) The Big-10 held its own.  No more.  No less.

03.) The PAC-10 was as weak as those east coast skeptics said we were.  Yes, Arizona over-performed (or peaked at the right time).  Everyone else biffed.

04.) There is such a thing as karma, because VCU sent those arrogant bastards from Kansas home to watch TV.

05.) Duke needs to hire a conditioning coach.

06.) Baylor and Stanford have great women's teams.  But the UConn girls will win it all.  Again.  Easily.  (Yawns)

07.) As soon as you lose, ESPN refuses to waste even 5 words on your just-completed season.

08.) Bobby Knight and Digger Phelps are talking heads.  Thank goodness Charles Barkley hasn't succumbed to that yet.

09.) It's okay to cry if you lose.  Even if you're a guy.  Even if you're a Jayhawk.

10.) The Phoenix Suns first-round draft pick will be Courtney Vandersloot of the Gonzaga women's team.  Courtney will be the heir apparent to Steve Nash.

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