Monday, November 02, 2009

Link Station Quad

Thanks to the wizardry of Ryan, 110 gigs of photos, music, videos, etc. have been successfully rescued from my now-defunct Maxtor external hard drive. . I now have me something called a Buffalo Link Station Quad. 4 terabytes of memory that is actually "only" 2.7 terabytes because it has parody drives. Much better than mirror drives, I am told. It has "raid" functionality. It can turn my house (and iPhone, and work PC, and TV's, and anybody else's laptops) into my own little network. I think it can even wash my truck on weekends. . Do I understand that last paragraph? Not one bit. Indeed, I've undoubtedly mangled all the technical mumbo-jumbo. All I know is that I have one huge freakin' data-storage unit which, if one of the drives fails, can retrieve everything that drive held.

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