Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The Washington Flamingos

    I have been a Washington Redskins fan for decades.  To be precise, ever since 1969, when the legendary Vince Lombardi coached them for a single season.

    Since then, the ownership has changed at least once; personnel changes have occurred on a regular basis; and uniforms and logos have changed quite often.

    It doesn't matter.  My loyalty/fandom is to the team itself, no matter who is playing for them, what color the uniforms are, what the logo looks like, and how badly ownership is meddling in the affairs of football.

    It is easy to see why the moniker "Redskins" is offensive to some.  It would be a great gesture on the organization's part to voluntarily change it to something else.  Hold a contest.  Get people's input.  Put some excitement into the name-change.

    I will be happy with whatever new name is selected.  It can be the "Fighting Flamingos" for all I care.  Hell, if it puts a spark into our rather moribund offense, I'm all for it.

    Naturally, a 100%-healthy RG3 with good QB mechanics would also be a welcome boost.

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