Sunday, June 06, 2010

Letters to Gaza (part 4)

Dear Gazans, . The heart of the world goes out to you. I won't belittle you by saying I can feel your pain, your despair, your anger, and your hopes. Nor will I say that I can do much about your plight, other than pen a few words of outrage on a Sunday morning. . Still, the world now has a greater awareness of the injustices being wreaked upon you. We have examined the motives of the Israelis, and Hamas, and the various Aid Organizations. All of their hearts have been found wanting. Yours have not. . So we will continue to do what little we can. Mostly, it will be to make sure people do not forget you and do not dehumanize you. Palestinians have been the "Nobody's Child" of the world for more than 60 years now. Everyone in the Middle East hopes you will just disappear, so they don't have to think about you anymore. . There are still a few among us common folk who see you as human beings, deserving of the same opportunities in life as anyone else. Worthy of being something more than pawns for others' political agendas. Entitled to compensation for being ousted from your ancestral homes to make room for a Jewish homeland. . The situation is intolerable, and seemingly unsolvable. Yet some of us will persist in trying. We are stubborn, foolish, simple-minded optimists. We will keep on keeping on. Because the reality is, ignoring the Palestinian issue does not make it disappear.

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