Thursday, May 18, 2006


01. There is no such thing as a "seat" at a small-time rock concert in a small-time venue. Except at the bar, and those obviously aren't reserved seats. You can stand. You can pogo. You can mosh. You can do the twist. You can whatever. Except sit. 02. Just because no other band is listed, doesn't mean there is no other band. "(Something-or-other) Parchment" opened for WM. Normally, that's okay. But it was Tuesday night, 7:00 PM, and I didn't particularly want to stay up half the night. So a surprise warm-up band was bad news. 03. Just because the promo says the concert will start at 7:00 PM, doesn't mean the concert will start at 7:00 PM. In fact, the doors weren't even open at 7:00 PM. In fact, the doors weren't even open at 7:30 PM. So you stood in an unmoving line outside. In 100°F weather. But it's a DRY heat. 04. Just because it's a small-time band trying to become famous, doesn't mean you can take pictures. Indeed, around 7:30, a goon walked outside and in a loud voice announced, "THERE VILL BE NO PHOTOS ALLOWED! VE VILL CONFISCATE ANY AND ALL CAMERAS THAT VE FIND!" Folks, the invention of the cell-phone camera makes this stupid policy outdated. What are they gonna do, confiscate all cell-phones too?! Dear WolfMother, you can use all the publicity you can get. Even amateurish photos on a blog. 05. Stick to "oldie" concerts, such as Don Williams @ The Celebrity Theater. We saw him last fall. Photos were allowed; they simply asked that you not use flash. And of course, at the Celebrity, you all have seats, and they're all GOOD SEATS. So at 7:30 PM, realizing that WolfMother wasn't even gonna start playing until 9:00 PM at the earliest, I gave the goon the finger, said 'screw this concert', and went home. Ah well, at least I hadn't shelled out my $12 yet.

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